Where did May go? #18goals

Ok, own up. Who stole May?

April has kind of bled into June in my mind, with May being a whirlwind of Disney and birthdays and  games and random other stuff I can’t remember. That’s why I write this stuff, isn’t it? So that I actually have an idea of what I’ve been doing.

Which is detailed here below:

1. Sort out your [my] shit – the front room has been named ‘shithole’. As in, that’s where all the ‘sorted shit’ is holed up. Good for sorting, not so good for relaxing in a peaceful arena. This month’s mission – sort out storage for the sorted shit. Oh, and also dismantle the table. I’ll be happy if both those things have happened.
2. Drink and review the alphabet – D and E are ticked off the list, with a bit of Death Eater vodka and some ELXR. Both very much enjoyed.
3. Check emails at least weekly and actually respond to them – : opens up inbox :
4. Go to an underground doom metal gig – Desertfest was AWESOMESAUCE
5. Pet an animal I’ve never seen before in real life – I high fived the Predator at UK Games Expo. Does that count?
6. Call the ‘how am I driving number’ – these are a myth. I have decided.
7. Stop spending money – I’ve avoided the ALDI special buys. I did procure a paddling pool. There are differing opinions on whether this was necessary or not.
8. Paint a painting – painting of walls is the current priority.
9. Perfect a regional accent – currently considering which would be most useful and relevant for my D&D character. Then I’m on it.
10. Travel on every tube line, end to end – roll on August.
11. Grow the board games club – it is bigger. It has a shelf.
12. Do more swimming – the last few months of 2018 are going to need to be energetic!
13. Recreate famous photos – totally forgot about this, again.
14. Eat differently – I’ve been mostly consuming smoked salmon, moroccan hummous and iced tea. Different from my previous diet, but not particularly OUT THERE.
15. Play Carcassonne IN Carcassonne – new Carcassonne Gold Rush procured at the UK Games Expo. Not relevant to playing actually in Carcassonne, but exciting nonetheless.
16. Appear on the BBC – currently concerned that this would be in a negative context, for example ‘Romford person seen suspiciously passed out in van’
17. Talk more in meetings – think some people might be regretting suggesting this one
18. Catch a fish, cook it and eat it – Still aiming for August. Maybe a mackerel? Might have to go to Scotland.

Next up, JUNE. That seems like a month to get things done.

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