Psychadelic Cat Skip Disco

That’s the name of my new underground metal band.

In my mind.

Happily many bands actually exist outside my mind, and even more happily I got to see quite a few of them, in good company, at Desertfest this weekend.

The sun was shining. Camden was rammed full of people. And Bismuth were on stage in the Underworld so that’s where I was too, standing around in a dark dingy room listening to the drone of the guitars with a nice bit of added heavy riffing.

Then we moved on to the venue which has a name I can’t remember. Around and slightly to the left. Another band, more doom, more blackness and darkness and complete inability to recognise the sun shining outside.

Am I making it sound exciting? No. Because it’s DOOM.

But the doom brought me joy.

I especially enjoyed Bison, who I can still only describe as droney and riffy, but in a more riffy way perhaps?

(and I should point out that before that point, we got food and I basically just ate a bucket of meat. It was good).

There was also some standing around in the sun.

After Bison came Primitive Man and Weedeater, and for those I got my most favourite of spots – sitting on the far right of the stage, feeling everything crash and vibrate around me.

Three days next year. That’s the plan 🙂

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