Ties that look like conservatory furniture

A week of awesome happenings has occurred.


I’ve read a lot of books this week but the one that definitely stands out the most is Sick Bastards, post-apocalyptic fiction with a bit of a difference to the usual ‘stuff has gone down, don’t worry we’ll survive the shite that’s thrown at us’ theme that tends to flow through a lot of the more generic novels accessed through my Kindle Unlimited subscription (not that it’s a bad thing, but I do like to discover something unexpected every now and then). Anyway, Sick Bastards is definitely unexpected, and draws you in with a somewhat worrying first chapter that only progresses to become worse throughout the book.

Looking forward to reading Sick Bastards 2!


Bohemian Rhapsody graced my giant screen – which is not actually mine but the cinema’s – and it was as excellent as I had hoped – which is fairly excellent. I also had popcorn and toblerone, and a giant tango blast which all added to the experience. Who doesn’t love Freddie Mercury? Who doesn’t like that guy from Mr Robot who pretends to be him? It was always going to be a massive win.


Somewhat dubious gingerbread men featured in my weekend. They were excellently baked, and perhaps not-so-excellently iced, but we all had fun doing it, and then eating them. So that’s the main thing.


I found my giant red fluffy top, what with the festive season fast approaching. Expect to see that featured regularly for at least the next four months.


Turisas are back on my radar, and Battle Metal has my giraffe hands up in the air. Unless I’m driving, but I’m still thinking giraffe hands in my head.


Bucket of Doom brought forth many tall tales and much hilarity. I love it’s creative stupidity. So does everyone else. If you haven’t played it DO SO, AND BE MERRY. Whilst being doomy, of course.

And lastly…

Conan is coming. Grey Goose is geared up for being drunk. And the CIA game has arrived fresh from Kickstarter land. Looking forward to an awesome week!

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