Alexa the Amazon Echo, tales of Antarctican suspense, and Belgium Biscuits #LittleLoves

Last year I ended up not writing as much as I’d like about our everyday life. And that’s one of the reasons I started writing online in the first place…so, to get myself back into doing that I’ve decided this year to take part in the #littleloves linky – a way to remind myself to actually write about the stuff and things.

Therefore, this week, I have:


The Winter Over‘ by Matthew Iden. It’s a Kindle First book – that means that I get to read it the month before it’s officially released, as my choice of one of six potential reads on offer. I do look forward to my Kindle First email every month! Sometimes it’s hard to choose but not this time – it’s about 42 people cooped up in the Antarctic, cut off from pretty much everyone else in the world. And then there are a ‘series of mysterious incidents’ which push the crew of the Shackleton South Pole Research Facility further towards their already strained limits.

I cannot imagine anything much worse than being stranded, uncontactable in freezing cold surroundings, so this was something that very much called out to me to be read. And it was a good read – I read it from start to finish in one sitting. I did guess the identity of the person causing all the issues from fairly early on, but it didn’t detract from the story really, there was enough happening to keep the suspense going and it was all very well paced. If you like thrillers, definitely stick this on your reading list 🙂


I’ve been looking forward to it since the beginning of December, but on New Year’s Day we finally took the kids to watch Moana. It did not let us down – it was great 🙂 I was particularly excited to find that Jemaine Clement was in it – I’m a big Flight of the Conchords fan and as soon as Tamatoa started singing I knew it was him. ‘Shiny’ is our new favourite household song.


Usually I bake quite a lot over Christmas, but I cut back this time as I was just too tired. I had promised D we would make biscuits though, so on the last day of the holidays (or actually, what I thought was the last day – it turned out, having got them up and dressed and to the school gates, that school did, in fact, start a day later than we had in our heads) I dragged by bum off the sofa and sat down with D to make Belgium Biscuits. It took flipping ages but we ended up with a tray of nicely spiced, perfectly baked biscuits – and I got to use my new biscuit stamping set from ALDI too (mostly Christmas designs but whatever, it’s still officially Christmas until epiphany isn’t it).

Order is restored (for about three seconds, until the kids run rampant through it again) #kidsbedroom #mylittlepony #rainbowpoo

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Oh, and I made an IKEA bookshelf too. Without using a drill. That was also tiring.


My new Mickey Mouse dressing gown. I got it for Christmas from the kids and it’s lovely and snuggly, it’s sparkly, and it has mouse ears.


The kids instructing ‘Alexa’. Which, if you didn’t know, is the name attributed to the Amazon Echo – a home automation system that can do many clever things such as playing music, turning lights on and off for you, and telling truly terrible cracker jokes (‘what is a dentist’s favourite time of day?’ ‘two-thirty’ HAHAHAAA). She doesn’t actually laugh but the kids do and I imagine that Alexa does too, silently and kind of mirthlessly inside her shiny black robotic mind.

Anyway, the kids figured out she can be instructed to spout nonsense and seeing who can make her do the silliest things is their favourite game at the moment.

And lastly…

I’m excited to have a little bit more energy back, even if it is at weird times and I spend a lot of the rest of the time being scared / exhausted / irritable in equal measures. I’m kind of looking forward to going back to the consultant next week and also a bit nervous but it will be good to find out what my blood tells him as well as what my body is telling me.

I’m also pretty proud that I took the kids to the park today by myself, all three of them and with no pushchair, and there was no carnage and a lack of tantrums too. That has never happened before.


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