DEATH, the apocalypse, and Bad Things #littleloves

So what do you write when you’ve basically felt like death all week? I’m tempted to write this entire post in ALL CAPITALS kinda like the Terry Pratchett version, but that would annoy me, so instead… the boringly boring roundup of a boring deathful week:


OK, I did get some reading done towards the less fatalistic end of death feeling. Actually I read a lot about death, but in the suspense / thriller / apocalypse sense. Probably my favourite read of the week was 10:37 by Jacqueline Druga which falls firmly into the apocalypse category. Basically, at 10:37am just about everyone in the country falls down dead. And of those that don’t, only a few remain alive in the way they were before sense. Everyone else has been effectively made almost brain dead due to oxygen deprivation, and simply possess the most primitive instincts. Which of course is not a good thing, if they happen to perceive you as a threat.

Aside from the fact that I spent a whole day wondering why the time never changed (because the book title 10:37 sat at the top of my kindle reading thingy and I consistently failed to remember that it in fact was not my clock), I enjoyed all other things about this book. The whole premise was interesting, and a bit different to the usual zombie or EMP themes that feature heavily in the books my kindle suggests I read.


So… Star Trek Discovery, which I’m still watching despite my brain being angry about a) the appearance of the Klingons (due to some kind of mutating virus apparently) and b) the newness of everything as described last week – that was a reasonably good episode and I vaguely managed to concentrate on it despite my head feeling like a mixture of porridge and iron filings had lodged themselves in my brain.

Also, later in the week I did that bleary eyed, lack of concentration thing where you stare at something on Netflix, and the thing was ‘The Good Place’ which actually really appeals to my sense of humour. I have now run out of episodes to watch and have to wait for a new one each week. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME, Netflix?


I’d like to say I made stuff but I didn’t, because I felt like death.

I did manage to ‘help’ the kids to decorate some premade pumpkin shaped biscuits from Morrisons, where ‘help’ involves sitting and making encouraging noises every so often, and trying not to wince when sprinkles flew all over the kitchen. Does that count as made? I’m voting yes.


Mostly I was to be found lying around in pyjamas. My Tinkerbell ones I think. And I wore my duvet a lot, in the sense I was curled up under it.


Just prior to my death state, I did have the extreme joy of hearing Jace Everett live – and seeing him too, of course – in fact I saw him very close up because I got to meet him and make him sign stuff and hug me. This fact brought me great joy all week when I was otherwise, as already described many times, feeling like death.


No game playing happened. Sad sad times.

And lastly…

Now I feel entirely more alive and also quite surprised that the boring week wasn’t quite so boring as I suspected, I’m looking forward to next week, which has pumpkins, Board Game Club, and a wordpress meetup going on. And NO MORE DEATH.

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