It’s such an eerie feeling, darling

Inexplicably, a month has passed.
OK, that’s not true really. It can be entirely explained by:
1. Impending doom
2. School holidays
3. Doom
4. Recovery from doom
5. Continuing school holidays
Just in case you were wondering, the doom and the school holidays are not related.

Here are all the things that happened during the doom and the holidays, or in fact a brief run down of some of them since I doubt I can write about or even remember most of them.


The Star Trek Adventures manual has featured heavily, to fulfil my requirement to thoroughly research stuff before doing stuff in order to not feel the incredible need to hide in a cave.
I also read Tabletop Gaming magazine, well at least some of it before I fell asleep. That’s no reflection on the content of it (there was a very interesting article about the origins of Magic the Gathering) but more an indication of my extremely tired state combined with the rocking action of the tube.


Ah, Star Trek again. Related once more to avoiding caves. DS9 and Voyager mainly.
Also I have been watching Insatiable, which is strangely enjoyable given the fact it has no dystopia, no vampires, no zombies, no apocalyptic stuff… I like the accents and the easy watching nature of it. Maybe I’ll change my mind when I’ve had more sleep.


I made a cake for Seb’s birthday. It was looking good until I let the other kids decorate it for him, and then transport it in a car, following which it looked wonky and haphazard. But it still tasted good.
I also made an enormous lasagne, and macaroni cheese. Not particularly notable except for the fact that mostly the kids ate them, which is a remarkable achievement.


Star Trek strikes again, behold my uniformed self:


Teen Titans Movie Soundtrack (or whatever long winded shite you have to say to Alexa to get her to accept it exists) and the Greatest Showman have been the family listening of choice recently.
Queen, Alice Cooper and the Arctic Monkeys have been accompanying the Divine Comedy when I do get the chance to pick my own listening choices. This has convinced me I need to do a random National Express journey sometime soon.


Bucket of Doom, Weird Things Humans Search For and Ticket to Ride have been the main games in my life the last few weeks. Particularly Ticket to Ride New York, which has much shorter and more intense gameplay. I’ve still not decided if that’s a good thing.

And lastly…


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