Trick or treat, a vampire virus and bat biscuits #littleloves

The last week of October is always one of my favourite times of the year, because it offers the excuse to dress up and be sociable with random strangers – AND get candy for it. Well, ok, the kids get candy for it but then they go to bed, and I help them out…


Since the beginning of the month occurred this week, I got my next dose of Kindle First and read The Good Samaritan by John Marrs. This is a book about a woman who works for a charity who offer support to people who are often desperate, lonely, or in difficult situations… except the work that she does is a bit more sinister. She finds people who are thinking about killing themselves, and then encourages them and offers them assistance in arranging how to go about it. This is a very addictive read, with great character development and lots of little twists that add to the overall impact of the story. A psychological thriller that’s definitely worth reading.


I found a new series on Netflix called ‘The Strain’ which is kind of about zombies, vampires and viral infection all rolled into one. It started with an eerie aeroplane of death and a CDC doctor who is opinionated and not fond of authority, and went on from there. After a bit of bingeing I established that the ‘virus’ is actually a creature which seems to create zombies, but they’re actually vampirey – except unless they’re given the power by the master to appear pretty much human they’re basically zombie-like instinct driven to spread the vampirism virus. Oh, and like the borg, they are all connected as one.

Doom, dystopia, destruction, demon-like creatures – all my favourite things in a tv series, anyway. So I’m enjoying it.


I was going to make pumpkin pie, because we had lots of pumpkins – but it turns out that even though we got them from a proper pumpkin picking farm this year, they’re still fairly devoid of action pumpkin inside. Kind of disappointing – but I settled on helping the girls to make chocolate bat biscuits instead. Not so healthy, but still just as tasty. And we made ghosts and cats too.


My Nightmare Before Christmas dress made an appearance – I was going out trick or treating with the kids directly after work, so I wore it to the office and then out for the evening too (with a bit of added face paint, not sure I would have got away with wearing that all day!).

family trick or treat


Gecko the Echo has been rockin’ the My Little Pony Movie soundtrack a lot this week. Sadly my own listening choices haven’t had much of a look in.


We’ve been playing Cortex Challenge 2, which is exactly like Cortex Challenge 1 except it has 8 new challenges all themed around different areas of brain function. Broken robots, mazes, and multitasking have all featured heavily.

And lastly…

Halloween has happened, but there are still fireworks to look forward to. Another fun week ahead 🙂

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