Living Arrows 17/52

Saturday was a crazy day of airport pickups, NCT reunions and skiing lessons. Not that the kids were bothered, they had a lot of fun. D was initially quite concerned about going skiing again as she got cold last time and quite upset, but since then we have invested in some new warmer kit for her and persuaded her it would be a less chilly experience and much more fun this time round.

By the end of her lesson, she agreed!

four year old ski lesson snow centre hemel

Sunday arrived in a nicely relaxed fashion this weekend.

Mostly due to the fact that it was my birthday. My main present was an undisturbed sleep, and a (mostly) uninterrupted bath.

Which meant that later in the day, I had a lot more energy than usual. The kids celebrated this fact by asking to go rocket launching. We made and launched rockets in the Easter holidays at Royal Gunpowder Mills, and ever since they’ve been keen to do it again.

So we did…and Seb loved watching how far we could make them fly!

watching rocket launch wicked uncle

and then it was time to relax again for a bit. Which, if  you are Little B, involves drawing and Peppa Pig:Little B colouring in (640x427)


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