Living Arrows 18/52 – Day 2 #BEDM

The kids have all been a bit crazy-acting this week. Little B has fully discovered tantrums, and when I picked her up from nursery on Thursday she was lying flat on the floor in the reading area, face down, like a plank. Normally, she would run straight over to me, a big smile on her face, shouting ‘Mummy, Mummy…’

Thursday went a bit more like ‘Little B, Mummy is here’.

‘Time to go home…Little B?’


At which point the nursery people intervened and told me that she’d been ‘a bit like that all day’. Apparently, because they asked her to walk down the stairs into the garden and she decided that was an unreasonable request.

Anyway, bank holiday weekend arrived, and we all got the chance to relax a bit. Turns out Little B has discovered how to open clippy tubs, which meant my ‘put all the yoghurts in the clippy tubs’ plan is no longer a brilliant, yoghurt saving idea (she likes to open six at once and then eat a spoonful from each before using the rest for ‘art’). So a large part of the weekend has required coming up with various involvement and distraction plans to keep Little B and her big brother and sister (who are more into sneakily putting the TV back on than sneakily attempting yoghurt works-of-art, and also pretty keen on howling very loudly about having it turned off again) occupied and interested. Hopefully incorporated with a bit of decluttering, DIY and cleaning.

Which is why Seb and D were to be found looking like this:

lets get drilling (640x426)

Last weekend, the Other Half bought a wooden companion seat for me for my birthday, and this weekend, everyone got to help construct it for me. Turns out drills are more interesting than television.

Little B was also very keen on the drill, but without the respect for fast spinning bits of metal that the older two have, and so she was distracted instead by the foam hopscotch that I had been using for floor exercises when teaching. I’m pretty sure I won’t be using it for teaching again – she loves it 🙂

toddler with foam hopscotch squares

And on the plus side, at least when the next tantrum comes along she’ll have somewhere soft and squidgy to do her plank impression, too.


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