Living Arrows 20/52

This week it was all about the impending baby. Not ours, and not our cat’s, either (she currently looks like she swallowed a bowling ball so there may well be cat babies soon).

The kids have a new little cousin on the way, and we were celebrating with a Wildly Excited baby shower…

D was very pleased to be able to take part in all the festivities, and declared that she is pretty sure she is getting a girl cousin:

wildly excited baby shower 42 (427x640)

Little B spent most of the time seeing exactly how many inflatable animals it is possible for a toddler to carry at once:

wildly excited baby shower toddler carrying inflatable animals

And Seb got incredibly focused on blowing up tiger print balloons, just so he could let them go and watch them whizz around the room…

wildly excited baby shower 80 (427x640)

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