Living Arrows 24/52

The Other Half has been away in America this week, and so it has been a very action packed week for me with all the various running around after three kids as well as juggling work and other activities. I’ve been making a conscious effort to try and interact with the kids and spend time ‘doing’ – half in the hope that it’ll tire them out and also avoid tantrums, and also with the idea that if I keep busy I can avoid the ‘slump on the sofa and pass out’ thing that I’d actually quite like to do.

It hasn’t helped that I was struck down by some kind of evil strength sapping sore throat creating virus either!

But in any case I managed to drag myself along to D’s first school sports day, and watched her excitement as she mastered the egg and spoon race and ran under parachutes, and also tripped over hurdles just like I always used to do…

first school sports day

Seb had sports day fun, but being top of the key stage he was a lot more blase about the whole thing.

school sports day with water

And Little B had no sports day, but she did have a lot of fun putting the icing on the fairy buns we made to celebrate our sporting heroes…well, some of the icing, anyway!

toddler eating icing fairy cakes

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