Living Arrows 27/52

It’s been a really busy week this week, with so many different things going on. The kittens are getting bigger every day and the kids are loving watching them grow – they’ve just started crawling around, and Pixel has moved them to a new ‘safe place’ underneath the girls’ bunkbed, which is probably the least safe place in the house but also really special and it’s made bedtimes a lot more exciting!

We got a ‘pizza bike’ delivery on Friday night too, a rare treat that literally had the kids bouncing off the walls with glee.

But there’s really only one photo that I could share this week, a really precious event which tops everything else that’s been going on for our family…the moment that the kids met their new baby cousin for the first time:

meeting new baby cousin

Welcome to the world, little lady. A new little Living Arrow to share in our adventures 🙂

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