Living Arrows 29/52

This week marks the final week of the school year, and so the last few days have been filled with excitable kids and tweaks and changes to the usual routine. Seb took part an excellent end-of-key-stage-1 performance, the first one where all the children seemed to have the concentration span to get through the entire thing without flagging, fiddling with their t-shirts, or generally staring into space.

school play jack and the beanstalk

D decided that she wanted to go out and practice her bike riding skills, something she has been working on since we took of the stabilisers a couple of weeks ago. She got on so well – she’s now riding pretty much on her own without too much need for adult assistance.

learning to ride a bike

And Little B decided to follow in her footsteps, keen to master the operation of her scooter. Previously she just kind of pushed it along whilst stepping either side of it, but having watched her big brother and sister she’s now really got the idea of having one foot on the scooter and using the other to push herself along. Another proud moment for her!

toddler on mini micro scooter


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