How to save £150 and never leave bed again (maybe) – the Hive active heating control system

I woke up this morning and my hips were on fire.

Not literally, luckily. More in terms of ‘don’t move or you’ll scream’.

Unfortunately, since the house was flipping freezing, I felt that not moving probably wasn’t an option for very much longer – being cold only makes my hips feel worse.

‘If only’ I thought ‘I could control the heating using only the power of my mind!’

With my powers of telekinesis being fairly poor, I don’t see that happening any time soon. But then I did recall an advert I’d seen for something called ‘Hive‘.

So instead of getting out of bed, I turned to my trusty smartphone and did a bit of investigating. Turns out, it’s basically a clever heating management system which allows you to control your heating and hot water with just the touch of a few buttons in an app. The app links to the Hive technology box thing (well it’s three boxes actually – a thermostat, a hub – for accessing the internet – and a receiver which goes next to the boiler) which are installed and work with the existing heating system. So no need to change supplier or equipment. And it can all be installed and up and running in about an hour!

Obviously, you do have to book an appointment – so I did have to reluctantly leave my bed in the end and follow the usual manual heating procedure this time.

Hive costs £199 – which might sound expensive just for something to relieve my slothdom (even if there is a good reason for lying around incapacitated). But when you consider that it can also save up to £150 on your energy bill – well then that starts sounding a bit better! Because not only can you control your heating from your bed, you can control it from work, from the park, from the kids playdate, from a night out on the town – basically anywhere you’ve got your smartphone and reception! And because you can monitor how warm your home is and turn the heating on and off remotely, you won’t waste energy unnecessarily.

Bad news for the cat, who quite likes it when I accidentally leave the radiators blasting out heat all day.

But very good news for my wallet. And my hips.

Now I just need someone to come up with an app that can bring me breakfast and a nice glass of squash every now and then, and I’ll be sorted!

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