Kids, cats and technology

Whoever said never work with kids and animals is pretty much right.

Or perhaps that should be rephrased to ‘don’t expect technology to work with kids and animals’.

Because so far, the cat has managed to destroy two macbooks with her copious drooling, the iPad is hiding in a corner frantically shedding it’s battery power when it sees the kids approaching, and the kindle…well, who knows what’s happened to it. It’s just not working. Again.

However, the Wee Man HAS got to the age where he’s learning letters, reading and spelling – and he’s being sent home with ‘stuff’ to find out fairly regularly.

Which suggests we should probably get some kind of technology that might have a fair chance of survival around small children and drooling furry things.

Time to look into reasonably priced, robust-as-possible laptops.

I want to get a laptop rather than a desktop because it’s hideable. That means the cat can’t sit on it and drool on it, and the kids can only use it when we get it out. Also, the fact that I could use it while lying in bed is a plus!

I think a larger sized one would be best, so that both kids can see the screen without squashing each other and screaming, and probably having a touch screen would be a good idea – I’ve noticed that even Bubby D at only two years old is remarkably adept at using a touch screen, a bit of a scary thought given that when I was young we only had a huge creaky BBC Apple computer with a monstrous green and black screen that spewed out apparently random lines of code every now and then (because my Dad was a computer engineer).

And we definitely need to get one with some kind of insurance or accidental damage guarantee!

There are lots of laptops out there, and lots of research to undertake.

What do you think it’s important to look for in a computer for kids? Answers on a tablet please! (or just a postcard, or in the comments box would do…!).


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