Pregnancy diary – week 16


Howww is it 16 weeks already?

Time in this pregnancy is flying by, and it’s a bit scary to think that next month, I’ll be halfway through already!

One good thing about reaching 16 weeks though – I’ve finally, FINALLY stopped throwing up in bushes. Or in my new BFF, the toilet bowl. Or – something which I managed embarassingly more than once in public – on myself.

I was being sick so much that Bubby D invented a new favourite pastime: pretending to be sick in bushes. Except, the bushes were pretend as well, so we’d be out and about somewhere – perhaps on a playdate – and she’d suddenly stop what she was doing, lean over, and theatrically exclaim ‘BLEAURGH’. And then look very pleased with herself.

No-one else was quite sure why. I felt it was probably best not to enlighten them…

As it turns out, morning (yeah, if mornings lasted all day and all night!) sickness is hilarious to two and four year olds. And extremely intriguing. Something that I have to say I didn’t fully appreciate, being intensely scrutinised usually at very close proximity, as I was projecting my breakfast, lunch, dinner, or pretty much anything really into whatever handy receptacle I could find.

But like I said. It’s stopped! And I am so happy that I can finally face eating things again that I *may* have gone a little bit overboard and STUFFED MY FACE with anything I can get my hands on.

That might be why I’m now looking about six months pregnant.

Although, I prefer to think it’s actually because Pippin has now moved up and out of my pelvis and is making his or her presence known. Yep, it’s definitely all baby. Nothing to do with lots of chocolate brownies at all…

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