Pregnancy diary week 20 – we’re having a…

long legged…

…slightly smaller than average headed…


With a nose!

Pippin closeup 20 week scan pregnancyYes, following our previous scan, where the sonographer simply couldn’t get Pippin to stay still for more than a nanosecond, this time she was able to tell us without a doubt that Pippin definitely does have a nose. Which was a relief. Strangely after having the 12 week scan, I ended up reading an article about breastfeeding a baby without a nose as part of my breastfeeding counsellor study research, and then had strange dreams of a noseless baby for a few days.

But it turns out there’s no need to worry – as the scan picture shows, Pippin has a lovely little face.

The scan was a relief in another way too, as I’ve been having a bit of bleeding this week which is probably accountable to me doing a bit too much – something which was also evidenced by me trying to get Bubby D to nap on Sunday afternoon, then waking up myself two hours later and being told by the Other Half that she’d not even been in the bed with me for half a second before scarpering without me realising!

The nestiness has continued, finding myself waking in the night with the urge to install random curtain poles in the porch or plaster around the bedroom window (if it gets so far as an incredible need to scrub out the oven then I’ll know I’m in trouble – that’s a job I don’t think I’ll EVER crave doing) and actually I did manage to get a plumber around to fit new taps. Except, then the taps didn’t actually fit! But in spite of all my urges for activity I think I need to rethink my nesting / resting balance because my body clearly isn’t in line with my mind.

Pippin is still being very kicky too, and this week was the first week I actually saw a kick travel along my tummy at the same time as I felt it. Watch out ribs!


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