Travelling with a bump – pregnancy diary week 23

Getting around with a growing bump isn’t always the easiest of tasks – and it’s certainly been something that’s challenged me this week as I had to go to Germany for work.

In my previous pregnancies I’ve never travelled abroad before, so I was a little bit nervous. Especially since I don’t speak German! I made sure I took my pregnancy notes with me, and also tried to pack as lightly as possible so that I wouldn’t have too much stuff to carry around with me. (This plan was somewhat foiled on the way home since I had been to Wiesbaden Christmas market which had so, so many lovely things that I wanted to bring home – and although I did manage to convince myself that a handmade wooden toboggan was probably a bit excessive I did still end up with a whole extra bag of things!).

At least I didn't have such a tiring trip as these guys...
At least I didn’t have such a tiring trip as these guys…

Border security were friendly when they noticed my bump, and I had to go and be patted down in case it was contraband I was smuggling under my jumper rather than a baby! I was relieved not to have to stand in a long security queue though, since I was diverted to the hand checking lane rather than the ‘walk through the beepy gate’ ones.

Food was another thing that I hadn’t really considered too much. The German breakfast consists of a lot of cured meats and random cheeses which I wasn’t sure if I could eat or not, so I ended up with mainly croissants and jam. Equally, when I was eating out I had no idea what most of the menu actually meant – I probably should have looked up some common German food vocabulary as I’ve still got no real idea what I actually ate one of the evenings I was there (it was very yummy though!).

Although I couldn’t partake in the beer or Gluhwein (which smells amazing) it was still a much more enjoyable and easy trip than I had imagined – second trimester is definitely the time to travel if you’re going to while pregnant 🙂

(Oh, and I did actually do some work while I was there too!).


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