Settling into school with Mickey and Minnie #disneystore

September has a lot going for it.

First off, its still kind of warm. Maybe. Please?

Secondly, it’s the end of Summer chaos. Namely, two children with birthdays and absolutely no school to distract them. Plus lots of camping. Basically, Summer is carnage. Lets have some lovely back to school routine please…

Which of course starts with getting all the bits and pieces together. I was pretty certain I had the back to school thing sorted, I managed to get all the uniform in all the right sizes at the beginning of the holidays, AND I still know where they are. Good news, kids. Everything is ready.

school uniform folded and ready

Apparently not. Apparently, I’ve forgotten some essential things which absolutely must be provided for September to be a success (other than the sun, which I can’t influence, sadly. I wish I WERE a weather wizard. Or any kind of wizard really. As long as benevolence is involved).

This is what the kids informed me I have forgotten, in my piling up of jumpers, polo shirts, trousers, shoes, socks, pinafore dresses and elasticated hair bows:

  1. PANTS (you know what, they do have pants. It’s not like we live in some kind of pants free zone. I just didn’t buy new ones specifically for school – apparently that’s a problem. Apparently the pants should also involve Star Wars and Moana. Whatever… they’re pants, the whole idea is that NO ONE SHOULD SEE THEM! But at least it gives Father Christmas a stocking filler idea…)
  2. Lots of colouring pens and pencils and rulers and scissors and other stationery orientated things, for doing homework. I like this idea, the idea that homework will actually be done. If stationery means homework being done without hurricaine scale meltdowns then I’m totally all for that.
  3. A new water bottle, and NOT A BABY ONE. This was from Seb, who has accused me of providing bottles for toddlers which apparently aren’t cool if you’re a yellow belt in karate.
  4. A guitar. Because we’ve signed the kids up for music lessons. This actually makes sense, and I do already have a selection of guitars. Hopefully one of those will work.
  5. A giant fluffy bag to put everything in. Seems like fluffy is the in thing, well at least for D it is. Seb is quite happy with his generic book bag.


Anyway, then this turned up:

disneystore stationery sets minnie mickey mouse water bottles stitch

Seems like it might tick a lot of boxes. Actually, I already had the Stitch pencil case after a little visit to the Disneystore stationery section myself, I am a sucker for all things Stitch and of course, grown ups need pens for work too.

The shaped Mickey and Minnie Disneystore stationery sets contain everything the kids could possibly need to help them get their homework done on time (as well as doing other random drawings of ‘Mummy is a sloth’ and ‘the rainbow star scary butterfly’). Here is the evidence which demonstrates how well it actually works:

minnie mouse stationery set doing school homework

Granted, we are only one month in… but I have my fingers crossed this trend will continue.

And there’s good news from Seb too. It seems that the Mickey Mouse stationery set, ‘ninja’ pencil case and water bottle meet with the requirements of a karate kid.

mickey mouse pencil case stationery set and water bottle disneystore

So everyone is happy, including Little B who seems to have decided that Stitch is actually hers…

stitch standing up disneystore

I guess at least now I have a good excuse to head on back to the Disneystore 😉


Disclosure:  we were provided with some of the items pictured and discussed above for the purposes of helping me retain my back to school sanity, it may well have worked, but whatever the outcome all the words are my own honest opinion anyway. 

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