I shall go to the ball… finding shoes that fit with Hotter

Not everyone can have a Fairy Godmother. In fact, hardly anyone does. And if you do, it’s even less likely that you’d find her hanging around in the Hotter Shoe Shop in Romford.

Obviously, this means that most of us mere mortals have to rely on someone more human to help us find shoes that fit. When I was a very little mere mortal, that human was always my mum – but of course at some point I got big enough to sort out my own shoes. And since then, I got pregnant three times, and I got older, and my feet got a bit cross about it too.

So… where does Hotter Romford come into all of this…?

Well, obviously, Prince Charming is meant to find my already perfectly fitted shoe, and bring it back to me on a pillow, declaring his everlasting love and making me his princess into the bargain. And as it turns out, Prince Charming WAS handing around Hotter Romford one happy Monday afternoon a week or two ago. Sadly for me, he claims he has never found any of my discarded shoes, and even if he had, he was also a bit worried about what the Other Half might have to say about him whisking me off for a Vegas marriage.  So instead, we settled on finding out exactly what my perfectly fitted shoe might be in a less contentious, more brand-new-properly-fitted-shoes kind of way…and that’s where the Hotter Fit Fortnight comes in.

What exactly is Hotter Fit Fortnight anyway?

So, I should probably clarify, Prince Charming isn’t always hanging around in Hotter Stores waiting to find his Cinderella. BUT, since Fit Fortnight is all about reminding people that a) it’s a good idea to get your feet measured and make sure your shoes fit perfectly and also that b) Hotter is a bit different from other shoe shops when it comes to finding your perfect shoe, Prince Charming was there to illustrate perfectly exactly what a properly fitted shoe can do for your life.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that (sadly) the whole foot measuring thing doesn’t usually involve sitting on a throne. I really think it should, to be honest. And in future I will imagine this to be the case, whatever kind of seating I am sat upon. The whole experience was strangely familiar in a childhood memories kind of way, and I now understand exactly why my kids get so excited about the whole measuring and new shoes thing because it is actually rather wonderful to have someone – in my case, a Hotter Fit Ambassador – kneel in front of you and check your toes are all happy and well, not squashed and sad. Since I got old enough to sort out my own shoes (somewhere around the early teenage years) I have not ever had my feet measured, and have simply relied on the ‘try them on and see if it hurts’ method of shoe buying. I was quite surprised to find out that my feet are actually a size smaller than I thought.

So new shoes were needed. I set to having a look around, with my massively specific list of shoe desires:

  • something more like a boot than a shoe, actually
  • supportive around my ankles
  • easy to keep clean when running after the kids through mud, leaves, and other generally mucky things
  • no laces
  • matching the majority of my wardrobe… so either black, red, blue, purple or teal
  • and no heels

And Prince Charming and his sidekick Hotter Fit Ambassador were hot on my as yet shoeless heels to advise.

Why are Hotter a bit different to other shoe shops?

First, they have a great name. Hotter brings to mind holidays, fun, looking good… and my oven, which bakes me delicious cakes. Maybe cakes shaped like shoes?

Also, Hotter Shoes come in both full and half sizes, and a variety of widths. That means that whatever size you need, Hotter will most likely have it. No picking a number, and hoping for the best…

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I’ve been wearing them a couple of weeks now, pretty much non-stop, aboard cruise ships, on the school run, to work, to nights out and even once in bed (briefly, before I took them off after I remembered I had forotten). Basically, they’re so comfortable and versatile that I don’t remember they’re actually on my feet. Well, until someone compliments me on them anyway. Which has happened a lot 🙂


Thanks to Hotter for inviting me along to help my feet feel happy, and for gifting me an awesome pair of Whisper ankle boots to keep the happiness going. And also thanks to Prince Charming for… well, being charming? It’s definitely been a #fitfornight for me!

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