All New Peppa Pig World Awesomeness

Something right royally exciting is happening this week.

I’m not talking about the big wedding thing going on this weekend.
Nope. What I am referring to is the opening of two new excitement inducing (well, if you’re under the age of about eight, anyway) rides at Peppa Pig World, in Paultons Park, which are open to the public from Wednesday 16th May 2018.

One of them is The Queen’s Flying Coach ride, with a selection of brightly coloured and beautifully detailed carriages travelling around in the sky, offering great views of the area as a whole:

And the other is Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club, with individual boats winding slowly around a lazy river, spinning randomly as they go:

The excitement hype is real, let me tell you – because we have ridden on both, and there were massive smiles from both small people giving them a go… and I can’t deny there were a few fun filled moments for the bigger people accompanying them either (that’d be me, and my sister).

Peppa Pig World originally opened in 2011, and it wasn’t long after that when we first took a two year old Seb to experience everything on offer – he was instantly hooked. It proved a big hit with his little sister a couple of years later on her second birthday too. Each time we visited it was clear that we aren’t the only ones with little Peppa Pig fans who were thrilled to experience the cartoon world of one of their idols. No surprises then that extending Peppa Pig World to include some all new and exciting attractions (just as the series itself has been expanded since 2011 with new characters and adventures) has been the next step. Some great visualisation has been added to the area with the Queen’s Castle sitting in pride of place, complete with new catering outlet nestling underneath it.

The kids (aged almost 2, and 4) loved the rides because they were well themed, with lots of opportunities to view their favourite well-loved characters including The Queen and Mr Bull. Oh, and Grampy Rabbit having a bit of a nap on his boat.

I liked them because they were accessible, and quick-loading, meaning that wait times even in busy periods are unlikely to be too long. The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride also has an access walkway all around the elevated track, which I think is a great thing having been stuck on a similarly high-up monorail type ride in a different theme park previously.

With a total of nine rides, and a whole host of other things to experience including Mr Potato’s Playground, the muddy puddles splash area, soft play and a whole lot of Peppa-esque landscaping, we were never bored as the kids raced from one item of awesome to the next.

And you can’t go to Peppa Pig World without meeting Peppa and George, of course 🙂

Plus of course there’s the whole of the rest of Paulton’s Park to explore too!

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