Pop at HOF – Have you been to see Skribbies?

The Great Retail Revival is a foundation that supports promising retail brands to grow their business.

Skribbies – the trainers that can be drawn on and customised again and again created by Jennifer Duthie – battled to win a place at Pop At Hof and succesfully made it into the final 10. This means that from the 12th May to the 26th May you can find them in the House of Fraser’s flagship Oxford Street Store.

So we went along to take a look for ourselves.skribbies pop at hof

The Wee Man has been obsessing about these trainers for weeks. I had the chance (between bouts of him running around in excitement) to chat to Jennifer a bit, and she told me how she’d come up with the idea for trainers that you could draw on after thinking about her own childhood and how she’d enjoyed fabric painting. She was sure that someone had already come up with the idea for customisable trainers, but after researching the market she realised this wasn’t the case – and so Skribbies was born.

Those childhood memories are obviously still happily being created by kids today, if the Wee Man is anything to go by. He was thrilled with his pair of Skribbies and set about drawing on them straight away, adding a crocodile and a beach to the white surface with blue soles, tops, tongue and laces.skribbies drawing on He’s really happy to have fun being creative. I’m pleased because he has trouble with fine motor co-ordination, and activities like this are something that will help him to improve.

The winner of POP at HoF will be given a one year concession with the House of Fraser, so the stakes are pretty high! According to the Wee Man though, Skribbies have nothing to worry about – they’re a definite winner in his opinion.


You can find out more about POP at HoF and Skribbies at the Great Retail Revival Website. Or, just pop into the House of Fraser and see for yourself!

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