Review: Giggling Tiddlytubbies toys

The Tellytubbies are 20 years old. This doesn’t leave me feeling surprised as I remember well being in school and considering the virtues of each of the four main players, which were strangely appealing given that I and my friends were teenagers at the time.

giggling tiddlytubbies tellytubby soft toys

These little guys are not the Teletubbies that I knew back then, but rather their smaller counterparts – the Tiddlytubbies. As a brand new addition to the Teletubbies collection, the Giggling Tiddlytubbies Plush and the Shuffle and Giggle Teletubbies offer a change for my own children to experience the appeal for themselves.

The Tiddlytubbies found their way on to modern TV screens in November 2015, and added a new element to the popular Teletubbies series for little ones to enjoy. This is certainly the case for Little B, who was sent Umby Pumby and Nin to cuddle and carry around whilst we went on holiday. They are the perfect size for toddlers and preschoolers to hold comfortably at only 8 inches tall, and also fit very well strapped into an adult cycle helmet which can be used as a ‘car seat’, as it turns out.  Little B has also taken to cuddling her giggling Tiddlytubbies in bed, which I was a bit worried about because obviously – as the giggling bit of the name suggests – they do make noise. However, just cuddling in bed doesn’t seem to be enough pressure to set them off, which is a big relief. That’s not to say that it’s difficult to make them giggle, in fact Little B quickly and easily figured that out! But it requires just enough of a squeeze that they can be carried and hugged without developing endless hysterics.

Umby Pumby and Nin are also lovely and soft, and although their faces are more plastic it’s not the brittle variety – it’s much nicer to the touch and also very easy to clean. Something which is lucky, because being trailed around a campsite isn’t exactly the cleanest of outings.

With an RRP of £9.99 they’re good value for the amount of love they get – well, in our case anyway! I’d say that I can only speak for Little B, but in actual fact her cousin was staying with us whilst we were camping and was so taken with the Tiddlytubbies that she is now the proud owner of her very own Ping toy. Now we just need to get Mi Mi and between them they’ll have the lot!

Also available are Shuffle and Giggle Tiddletubbies, priced at £24.99 and able to crawl across the floor giggling. Sounds great to keep toddlers moving and happy 🙂


Disclosure: Little B was sent the Giggling Tiddlytubbies to love and report back on in a very exciting shiny grey parcel. Despite this, all opinions are our honest thoughts and feelings. 

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