Review: L.O.L. Surprise! Lil Sisters

Somewhat unsurprisingly, L.O.L. Lil Sisters are exactly what you would expect them to be – smaller versions of the L.O.L. Surprise! dolls which come wrapped in several layers of delight.

D is already very familiar with L.O.L. Surprise! dolls, having thoroughly enjoyed being surprised by several of them earlier this year.

So – on to their smaller, just as surprising siblings. Hello L.O.L. Lil’ Sisters:

LOL Surprise Lil Sisters

What are L.O.L. Lil Sisters?

L.O.L. Lil Sisters come in smaller sized balls than their bigger sisters, but still wrapped in the same way, and with five surprises in all to uncover.

Undoing the first zip reveals a clue about the kind of Lil Sister you can expect to find hidden inside. Having enthusiastically peeled back the wrapper, D found a clue which said ‘Snow Bunny’. This means nothing to me, but apparently it’s one D was hoping to get…well, assuming its the one she thinks it is… only one way to find out…

The second zip reveals stickers, which give an idea of the ability that your L.O.L. Lil Sister will have. The stickers can be placed on the collectors guide, to keep a record of which dolls are in your collection. D was excited to see that her L.O.L. Lil Sister has colour changing powers, something we haven’t experienced effectively before.

The third, fourth and fifth surprises are all contained within the ball itself, which can transform into a keychain to transport your L.O.L. Lil Sister and all her stuff around in.

Our little Snow Bunny came with a set of ice skates and a warm hat for her big sister to wear.

The accessories are too big for Lil Sisters, but of course D had a lot of fun trying them on her anyway.

Then we decided to give the colour change thing a go. With water straight from the tap, it doesn’t work too well (potentially one of the perils of the current warmer weather), but with an ice cube added in we soon saw a dramatic change – Snow Bunny has bright blue hair!

How much are L.O.L. Lil Sisters and where can you get them?

With an RRP of £4.99, L.O.L. Lil Sisters are cheaper than their bigger siblings, but still more expensive than other small blind bag type toys. This is justified in the respect that they have a better level of longevity, both in terms of the suspense whilst unwrapping, and future playability (they’re robust and fairly well made compared to a lot of other blind bag stuff we have experienced). However, it is an annoying large amount to spend if you happen to get duplicates, which is fairly inevitable. D doesn’t seem worried about having ‘twins’, but it does limit her chances of completing the collection, which I imagine would be fairly costly to achieve.

Overall, L.O.L. Lil Sisters are a lot of fun, and reasonably priced for what you get. If you want to try one yourself, they’re available at most reputable toy selling shops, and online.

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