Review: Stokke Flexibath

The Flexibath is a truly marvellous invention.

It is a bath, but somehow, whilst being able to comfortably contain two small children, it manages to fold down to incredibly small proportions. (Not actually while they are in there. But before, and after use).

Stokke Flexibath 1

At home, we have a normal bath. The kids love baths – I think they would happily spend most of the day in there – but they are not so keen on showers. So previously, getting them washed while on holiday in static caravans or tents has been a bit of a problem. Particularly as they are generally either covered in chlorine, sand or mud the vast majority of the time.

With only limited space in the car having something that doesn’t take up much space is a must. The Stokke Flexibath certainly does fit that bill, but equally it can be packed unfolded too and used as a container for all our towels and swimming gear, and as a toybox once we are in our holiday home or tent. Versatility in packed things is also a very useful criteria in deciding what gets to come along with us!

I did wonder how sturdy it would be, given that it is so lightweight and so bendy. But once filled with a reasonable amount of water it is actually incredibly difficult to tip…

Stokke Flexibath 8…something which Little B has happily tested by attempting to climb out of it a couple of times!

Which is why I am glad there is a plug in the bottom of it too. No need to lift it up to tip out all the water – just pull out the plug and let it drain, just like a standard bath.

Stokke Flexibath 4

Little B is very happy (and clean) and so we are happy too 🙂

Stokke Flexibath 10


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