Pregnancy Diary 22 weeks – choosing a name

With this pregnancy now being just over halfway through, and that half having gone incredibly quickly now that I think about it (not often that I do really get the chance to think about it!), our attention has turned to names.

Mainly because the Wee Man wanted to know what Pippin’s name will be when he or she is born.

‘Mummy’ he said. ‘I’ve got four names. I’ve got my big name, and my name for school, and a middle name, and my tummy name! But what about Pippin? Pippin has only got one name, and Pippin needs more than one, just like me and Bubby D’.

Good question, Wee Man, good question.

And one that the Other Half and I are kind of stumped about.

With the Wee Man, the naming process was simple. I had a name in mind, the Other Half agreed, and that was that. Our list was a name of one, and it was THE NAME.

Bubby D, being named after both her great-grandma’s, was also a stress free choice.

But this time round? Our names list is exhausted. And not only that, but whatever name we choose has to ‘fit’ with the names of the first two…something that seems to be a bit of a challenge.

Wading through lists of possibilities in a book or on the internet somehow seems a bit uninspired. But where else to find inspiration? The Wee Man claims that he has the answer…

‘Don’t worry Mummy, I will decide a name for Pippin!’ he declared.

Well, problem solved then. Apparently it’s ‘Grandam Maclary’.


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