#18goals It’s April, baby

Oh hello, end of April.

Month of all the awesome (it’s my birthday, right? Well, not for the whole month – but this year actually for most of a week which is a step up from the usual anyway).

Aside from birthdaying – which went a way towards achieving drinking the A to Z of alcohol – there was also New Zealand, Singapore, and a restructure looming at work which means I am for once not bored. Actually, weirdly I was quite excited about being back at work. That’s surely not right, is it?

And of course birthdays mean an excuse for new board games, so that’s a win.

Basically, I’ve managed to achieve a bit in the way of goals, but not as much as in other months, perhaps. May seems like a good bet though.

Here’s the rundown:

1. Sort out your [my] shit – I might be up to about 45% by now. Starting to lose the will to live. The cats are enjoying their new minecrafteque box world area of exploration.
2. Drink and review the alphabet – A and B are DONE, add to that a nice bit of Ciroc, YEAH. Next up D…
3. Check emails at least weekly and actually respond to them – back on the wagon
4. Go to an underground doom metal gig – did, and doing again. Desertfest FTW
5. Pet an animal I’ve never seen before in real life – no new animals this month
6. Call the ‘how am I driving number’ – 0% dammit. I’m going to make my own stickers and stick them to things. Cars, trucks, those kind of things. Maybe I’ll make my own how am I driving sign for my own car. Do I even want to know?
7. Stop spending money – holidays, enough said. Cookie Time, Tim Tams and gin. No regrets.
8. Paint a painting – nope. I did do some painting of miniatures though. Start small aim big.
9. Perfect a regional accent – I’m being very Essex right now. It scares me.
10. Travel on every tube line, end to end – I did quite a lot of the central line the other day.
11. Grow the board games club – 41 people turned up last week. I’m happy.
12. Do more swimming – no idea how much I did on holiday. Quite a bit. Not enough.
13. Recreate famous photos – still thinking…
14. Eat differently – weird Singapore McDonalds breakfast porridge. Pigs trotter. Random Dim Sum. It’s all good.
15. Play Carcassonne IN Carcassonne – I’ve been practicing
16. Appear on the BBC – not happening. Still time.
17. Talk more in meetings – 100%. DON’T STOP ME NOW
18. Catch a fish, cook it and eat it – Aiming for August. Also attempting to convince work we need a new fishing area in the Borough. Gonna make it happen, wooooooo


This is a reflection on my achievement of goals, right? Just in case that wasn’t obvious…

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