This is a song about death. Which is not recommended

Tonight I’m doing doom metal.

The Local Fuzz Vol 3 the underworld Camden

Slabdragger wins the night for me ((which to be honest has ended far too soon, where has the music gone?)

There’s something very white noise about it all – and it makes me think, does doom metal go back to my roots of repetitive noise, back when I was being made? There’s definitely something mesmerising about the repetitive bass and I found myself closing my eyes at times and just letting the music wash over me. Sitting on the stage I could feel the music, and hear the music, and so seeing seemed kind of unnecessary… although I did watch too

Badly drawn representation of doom metal
Badly drawn representation of doom metal guitarist. Probably from Slomatics

and it seems like the bands themselves were happy just feeling the music as well.

Slabdragger were my favourite, I’m not sure why as a lot of the music sounds the same even though there is a difference.

and on to the thoughts of Ben:

Monolithian are the best but really I saw my three favourite bands today all in one place. Tuskar, MWWB and Monolithian all rock my world. Earth mass are probably amazing but we missed them.

And finally, a summing up from Timo:

A strong start and end to the day’s proceedings with Tuskar starting things off with the literal bang of some very loud percussions and Slomatics ending the night in very much the same sonic assault as it began.

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