Baby it’s ‘blue egg’ outside… the Gro Egg and added shell

In our house when it’s a bit chilly, we don’t say ‘it’s a bit chilly’.

No. What we actually say is: ‘Hmm, it’s a bit blue-egg in here’.

That might sound kind of mad. But it stems from the early days sitting bleary eyed on the sofa in the small hours of the morning with a newborn Wee Man, observing that the Gro Egg which was providing a gentle and unintrusive light to feed him by had turned a rather cold looking blue colour.

Because that’s the point of the Gro Egg. Aside from emitting a nice soft glow, it changes colour to indicate whether the temperature in the room is too hot (angry red looking), just right (orangey yellow warm glow) or a bit on the cold side (blue egg). Just in case you aren’t sure what the colours mean – and they’re fairly self explanatory really – the actual temperature is also displayed in the centre of the egg as well.

And living in an old, draughty Victorian terraced house with wonky floors and badly fitting windows, we found that more often than not in the colder months the room was always ‘blue egg’. A sign that we should wrap up a bit warmer, use a higher tog of sleeping bag for the Wee Man or turn on the heating!

gro egg shell mikey monkeyWe’ve since moved house to an altogether more modern and insulated property, but the Gro Egg still advises us of blue-egg situations every now and then. And now it’s looking a lot less egg-like too, because Gro Egg make little Egg Shells which you can add on top to transform your egg into an owl, a monkey or a penguin. I bought one at the Baby Show we went to a while ago, and it’s been sitting around waiting to take its turn sitting on top of the egg. (Mainly because we lost the adaptor for a while, and it’s a non-standard one so using a replacement wasn’t possible. Handily though, it does have ‘Gro’ written on the adaptor, so when we did find it again I knew what it was for!). As thermometers go, it’s definitely worth having – especially being multi functional as an unobtrusive night light. And the addition of a Gro Egg Shell just makes it that little bit more special 🙂

mikey monkey gro egg

So the Gro Egg is now back in action, and with Pippin coming along soon, I’m looking forward to having a friendly little monkey to light our night-time waking. I’m hoping it’ll be an orange one!


Disclosure: The Gro Egg was a gift from a friend when the Wee Man arrived in the world, and the egg shell was bought by me because I liked the look of it. I’ve not been asked to write about it, I just wanted to because we love our Gro Egg!

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