Stamping around the fjords – Kids Winter Snow Boots

It’s funny to think, while the sun is shining, that in a couple of weeks there could be snow and ice all over the place – but of course the weather at this time of year is incredibly changeable.

And although I’m enjoying the Winter sun, I have had to think about the probability of snow, and cold, and brrrr….especially as we are off to Norway for a few days later this month too!

The Wee Man and Bubby D have snowsuits, scarves, gloves and hats – and Bubby D has some lovely fleecy lined Startrite boots that should keep her snuggly and warm whilst we investigate the fjords.

But the Wee Man on the other hand has managed to make holes in all his gumboots (too much stamping around in puddles!) and they’re also not the warmest things in the world, even if they were watertight.

So he’s been very excited to receive some HiTec Snow Boots to keep his feet toasty warm instead! To be more precise, they’re called HiTec Equinox Mid Waterproof Junior boots – but that’s rather a mouthful so I’ll stick to ‘snow boots’ instead.

When they arrived, the Wee Man had them out of the packaging and on his feet in a matter of seconds – partly because he really liked them and also because he has an idea that if he wears them, snow might come! I can see the logic, but I’m glad that’s not how snow actually works as we’d have been snowed in for a week by now… I DO like how easy they are for him to take on and off, and after a quick demonstration of how the toggles work he was happily loosening and tightening the elastic himself with no problems at all.

Being a neutral grey colour, with burnt orange elastic and toggles, they go well with pretty much all of his clothes. They are larger than his usual gumboots, and as such he has said to me a couple of times ‘these boots make me go slow, Mummy’ – being wider and heavier they have taken a little bit of getting used to. That hasn’t stopped him however, as he insists on wearing them at every opportunity (he’d have them on now at school if I let him) and we had hours of fun running around the farm with them this weekend – as a bonus for me I didn’t need to worry about him getting muddy or wet because they’re waterproof and clean up well too!

Hitec Snow Boots

We’ve got a couple of weeks to go yet before they get to go touring the fjords, but I’m pretty convinced they’ll be up to the task, judging by what we’ve seen so far.

Now I just need to find some warm clothes to fit me and my bump!

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