Kiddicare 342 toys offer – take note, Father Christmas!

colour changing ducks kiddicareWe’ve started doing our Christmas shopping, and one of our must-go-to destinations is Kiddicare. Not only do they have everything you could need for a great day out all under one roof (shopping for parents, toys to try out for the kids, a café to flop down in gratefully with a drink once you’ve had a look at everything and lots of friendly and knowledgeable staff to help you out with any questions) but at the moment, there’s a great 3 for 2 deal on all Buzzing Brains, Sunny Safari and Woodland toy ranges as well as all branded toys too.

Father Christmas clearly won’t need much help with getting some inspiration this year, but I decided to give him a little helping hand anyway, so we’ve been giving a few stocking filler ideas a try. With there being two years between the Wee Man and Bubby D, I was keen to find toys that were age appropriate yet appealing to both of them, so that we could enjoy some collaborative play without too many arguments!

The Kiddicare Colour Changing Ducks really fit the bill in this respect. Being a set of 3, there are enough ducks for both kids to have at least a duck each, and even one for me too when I’m sharing a bath with them as I often do! They’ve been having great fun balancing them on my baby bump, swiping them off (gently, if I’m lucky!) and then squealing in delight as they change from green to yellow, orange to white and purple to pink. We went to stay with Grandma last weekend and the kids insisted the ducks had to come too, such is their enjoyment from playing with them. I’ve found bath toys in general to be real winners with both kids, and they’re usually something that gets played with for months and even years without them becoming bored with them, so for £7.99 Father Christmas will definitely get his money’s worth!kiddicare colour changing ducks

Next to suffer the ministrations of two excited small children is the Buzzing Brains 3 in 1 Busy Bug. It’s suitable from 18 months and I thought it would probably generate more interest from Bubby D than the Wee Man, but actually they both really love it. Bubby D will spend hours fitting the shapes into the shell of the bug, then opening the door and tipping them all out to start again. Wee Man on the other hand thinks it is hilarious to take the shell off the bug, squealing ‘now it’s a slug, Mummy!’, before rolling the shell around the floor dragging his ‘slug’ behind him.kiddicare buzzing brains 3 in 1 busy bug

It’s made of plastic, and obviously very robust and child friendly as it’s been bashed around crazily, covered in chocolate spread, and still looks brand new (after I cleaned it, of course).

And finally, we’ve been having a good play with the Buzzing Brains Alphabet Teaching Frame – a colourful wooden contraption with spinning blocks that have a letter on one side, and a picture and a word that corresponds with the letter on the other. Wee Man is enjoying pointing out the letters that he knows, and spelling out the words that correspond to the pictures, whilst Bubby D likes lining up all the different rows of colours, and spinning the pictures around screaming ‘duck, duck’! (She does like ducks, as I said earlier…).kiddicare buzzing brains alphabet frame

Overall we are very impressed with the quality, value and price of all these toys, and I think they’ll be well used and treasured for a long time to come.

All these toys and lots more are 3 for 2 when you buy them between 5th November and 2nd December, so it’s worth paying them a visit in the next few weeks to have a look at what’s on offer. Plus, if you fancy buying a few more bits then you don’t even need to leave your armchair – you can have online orders over £29.99 delivered for free! Great value, great quality, great price – what more can you ask for?

christmas kiddicare busybug

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