The train to the Squidgy Soap – LUSH FUN review

Most people travelling on the underground define stations and tube lines by their given names, such as Transport for London presumably intended.

Not so the Wee Man. He assigns destinations based on where he’s been – so ‘Stratford’ becomes ‘Dragon Slide station’ (which is what he calls the Discover Children’s Story Centre which has a rather large slide that looks like a dragon in its garden) and the Central Line is now ‘the Squidgy Soap train’.

You may well be wondering what on earth that’s referring to…

Well, the Wee Man and Bubby D were lucky enough to be invited along to LUSH in Covent Garden (or Squidgy Soap station as its now known) for a morning of playing with LUSH’s new invention, FUN.

Perhaps you might have guessed what FUN is, but just in case you haven’t, it’s squidgy soap. Colourful, nice smelling (as all LUSH products are), plasticiney, bubble producing, mouldable and very very squidgy soap.

Wee Man heaven! Something that can make a glorious mess, be played with in conjunction with water, creates bubbles, offers the opportunity to be cut and sliced and remoulded just like playdough, and turns his hands a variety of rainbow colours into the bargain.

Bubby D was pretty impressed as well, although she preferred ripping lumps off it and throwing them into the water to create a big splash and make the water turn blue and bubbly…and pink and bubbly…and green and bubbly…well, there are five colours in total so there was quite a lot of ripping and sploshing for her to try.

Perhaps even more exciting for her was the Magic Wand, an ingenious soap on a stick that when waved around in water creates masses and masses of bubbles whilst making a lovely jingly sound thanks to the attached bell. I think it has the potential to reduce quite a number of bathtime tantrums that occur when the Wee Man peers into his evening bath to discover that it has no bubbles in it, and of course wouldn’t previously have any appearing either since the traditional bubble baths only work when poured under the tap at the beginning of the bath running process.

After an hour of happy mess making he was reluctantly dragged away – hugging a piece of FUN for use in the bath later – and thus the Central Line was renamed as the exciting morning he had had took root in his catalogue of ‘places I will demand to be taken to on a regular basis’.

And just in case you’re wondering, his bath that evening was indeed filled with bubbles, fun and pink water – and just as excitingly for me, was cleaned up really really easily too as the used soap just washes away. The FUN didn’t stop there either, as it can be wrapped back up and saved for use another day…or two, or three…dependent on how much fun your little one is having with it!

Three days later and that particular FUN was over, but I have no doubt that another trip on the Squidgy Soap train is imminent…so more FUN, here we come 🙂

If you’d like to try out the FUN for yourself, you can pick some up in any LUSH store for five of your lovely pounds (travel on the Squidgy Soap train optional) or alternatively, you can view the LUSH FUN online and get the postman to sort you out with some instead!

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