Magical Tree Fu Tom 3D adventures app review

Ever since we went to a friend’s themed birthday party almost 1 and a half years ago, the Wee Man has been pretty intrigued by Tree Fu Tom. And it didn’t take long for Bubby D to start joining in the fun too.

Whenever the familiar music starts up, both of them jump to their feet, then start clamouring for me to join them. We all have to take part in ‘making the magic’! I’ve done it so many times now I know all the moves off by heart…

And now there’s an exciting new Magical Tree Fu Tom 3D adventures app that has not only three different games – Nectar Collector, Slimeweed Defence, and Aphid Rescue – but also a very thrilling (if you are the Wee Man) 3D option which allows you to bring Tom and Twigs into your own room!

Tree Fu Tom nectar collectorAt 2, Bubby D is most impressed by the Nectar Collector game. She loves guiding the bees into the hive, and within a few minutes she was completely adept at it – in fact she did much better than I did (possibly because I am just a bit scared of stingy things, and I felt kind of weird putting my fingers on them – even though I know they’re not real!). I like the fact that it’s possible to change the difficulty level so that it’s easier for younger children if necessary, I think the harder option would probably leave her a bit frustrated. Personally, I like the Aphid Rescue – it reminds me a bit of lemmings! It’s not that often that I find myself playing the apps the kids are using but I do quite like having a go at this one – on the more difficult setting it’s quite appealing for adults too.

Tree Fu Tom Aphid rescue

Wee Man, being that bit older than Bubby D is absolutely gobsmacked by the fact that he can have Tom in his room! It did take us a little while to figure out how it worked – moving around the iPad at the correct angles even as an adult while following the tutorial instructions was a bit tricky but we got there in the end and then Tom was ready to zoom around or perform his ‘rap’! The 3D option is definitely much more suited to older children as Bubby D doesn’t have the strength yet to wave the iPad around, or the dexterity! (Watch out, room!). For the Wee Man though, it’s just about right and he’s had lots of fun exploring all the various things that he can get Tom and Twigs to do. He can even take videos with himself in them too!

Tree Fu Tom 3d Adventures app

The app allows access to social media using Social Share – but with Wee Man being so young I have disabled that feature in the parental controls (something which I’m very glad I have the option to do as otherwise I’m pretty convinced my timeline would be jam packed with the Wee Man performing some HILARIOUS Tom photobombs…).

The app has lovely colourful graphics, and works smoothly and intuitively for even the smallest of players. It’s available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and costs £2.99 – a very reasonable price in my opinion for all the gameplay and options which look like they’ll keep the kids entertained for a long time to come.



Disclosure: We were given a code to review the app for free, however all words and opinions are my own honest ones and we were not required to write positively about it.



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