Sales shopping – two kids, one Westfield and a Joovy Caboose

Taking two kids shopping isn’t generally my idea of fun. And it’s not really theirs either – except for the parent and child toilet, the two play areas and the ice cream shop that Westfield Stratford has.

And unfortunately, those locations weren’t exactly the ones I was hoping to visit.

Eventually, the idea of cheap things in Lakeland and Next won me over (I’ve got things to bake for my sisters wedding and the kids are growing out of their clothes) and I decided it was worth the risk.

joovycarbootSo I stowed the Joovy Caboose in the boot, put the kids in their car seats, and off we went.

I took the Joovy because it seemed like it might be a good ‘shopping pushchair’. What I mean by that is, it’s got plenty of space to store shopping in, and on, as well as having two secure areas to harness each child in so they don’t get lost / moan about walking / have a tantrum and leave me unable to secure them safely (all of which are fairly likely to happen). The back sliding seat for the Wee Man gives easy access to the shopping basket too, and there are handy pockets on the sides of it for stowing things such as wipes that I generally need every five minutes.

It’s also very slimline, and compact – perfect for the ABSOLUTELY INSANE crowds of sales shoppers we had to manouvre through.

joovysittingIn addition:

  • its easy to steer
  • its comfortable for both children
  • its got a handy food tray for Bubby D that doubles as a toy tray to keep her entertained
  • it’s got a large hood that’s big enough to cover both children and block out some of the noise and stimulation if it all gets a bit much
  • its got robust wheels that are larger than the average stroller, and a nice sturdy frame, both of which keep it moving easily and smoothly
  • its has an optional parent organiser which straps to the handles so you can keep drinks and snacks handy for you and the kids
  • it has a two position footrest at the front which means I can keep Bubby D’s feet elevated and minimise the risk of kicked-off-and-lost-forever shoes
  • it has a secure five point harness at the front and three point harness at the rear meaning both kids can be strapped in easilyjoovysleep
  • it has a three position seat recline, meaning that Bubby D can get a bit of sleep if she needs to, and there’s still standing room for the Wee Man at the back
  • and, most importantly, it folds down small enough that I can fit massive amounts of shopping in the boot of the car as well as the pushchair!

Not that I was planning MASSIVE amounts of shopping…

As it happened, the whole trip went very well. The Wee Man loves his ‘slidey seat’, although he does like to sit facing the front sometimes. (Looking at the Joovy website, I can see that there is actually a second seat available to add to the pushchair – the Caboose Too Rear Seat – which turns the rear platform into a full size seat should you have a child who’s a little bit younger). Bubby D managed to get in a bit of napping, the Wee Man got his visit to the parent and child toilet, and I got my baking equipment and a couple of large bags of new clothes from Next at bargain prices for both kids. Success!

Bubby D and the Wee Man get into the shopping spirit
Bubby D and the Wee Man get into the shopping spirit
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