V is for versatility – why we love our Bundlebean

Babies generate stuff.

Piles and piles of it.

In fact, here is my graph of STUFF and THINGS to age.


Ok, so I did pretty much just make that up…

But it is true that babies, proportionate to their size, have a massively skewed stuff and things ratio. Which is why, if you can find something that does more than one ‘thing’ of the ‘things’ that babies need*, then it’s probably a good thing to have.

bundlebean over sling

Yes, versatility is a parents’ friend.

And that’s why we love our Bundlebean.

In fact, I like to think of my life as a parent as being ‘BB’ and ‘AB’.

Not only is AB (that’s ‘After Bundlebean’ if you hadn’t guessed) more alphabetically correct, but it’s also a lot less hassle.

And this is why:


Life BB:

‘Things’ required for a trip to the park in the Spring:

Monstrous change bag, including changing mat
Footmuff / blanket
Picnic rug
Baby carrier for when hugs rather than pushchair were required by grizzly baby on way home
Oversized raincoat to wear over baby carrier

bundlebean pushchairLife AB:

‘Things’ required for a trip to the park in the Spring:

Tiny change bag
Baby carrier

Do you see the difference there?

Less stuff to remember, less stuff to carry. That is why the Bundlebean is so marvellous. It can be a waterproof play rug, a footmuff, a snuggly baby carrier cover, and a nappy changing mat – all in one compact and lightweight ‘thing’.

In fact, for versatility, it is the KING of ‘things’.

That is why we wouldn’t be without one.

should it happen to snow, you're sorted too!
should it happen to snow, you’re sorted too!

*strictly speaking, babies don’t actually NEED things – other than shelter, food, and sleep. But since the Bundlebean can help in the construction of a pretty effective den, I think it fits quite neatly into the ‘shelter’ criteria, anyway…

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