Getting ready for Mothers Day with the ELC Cupcake Baking Set #ELCBakeOff

Mother’s Day this year is bound to be a bit busy.

Normally, I’d be hoping for a lie in, or perhaps a bit of breakfast in bed. Somehow that seems unlikely though, given that Pippin is due on Mother’s Day – and whilst that’s the best thing I could ever ask for, I know the Wee Man and Bubby D will be keen on doing something to make it an even more special Mothers Day too.

So we decided to get a bit of practice in.

Both the Wee Man and Bubby D are big fans of baking, and when I suggested they might like to learn how to make cupcakes they didn’t need asking twice!
The ELC Cupcake Baking Set contains everything you might need to create some lovely cake creations – a cupcake tin with silicone cases, a mixing spoon, piping tube with three different nozzles, cupcake stand and of course some recipes for cupcakes too.

ELC cupcake baking set bakeoffSo we got measuring and beating, until several minutes later the ingredients were mixed and ready to be put in the tin.

Usually, I’d oversee this process myself but given that it’s Mothers Day practice, I let the kids just go for it. And they actually did pretty well, with the vast majority of the mix ending up where it was meant to be (as in – it was in the cupcake cases. Although I think the kids would argue that ‘in their mouths’ was also a valid location…).

elc bakeoff preparing cupcakes

The cupcakes went in the oven – during which time assembling of the cupcake stand and making sure the piping tube was loaded full of icing took place – and a short while later, the cupcakes were out again and ready to cool down. Which they did, very quickly thanks to the silicone cases which made them easy to remove from the tray along with their small size.

Let the decorating commence!

elc bakeoff cupcake icing time

I was very impressed with the piping tube. I wasn’t sure (being terrible myself, as an adult, at actually being able to achieve piping success) that the Wee Man and Bubby D would be able to do it, but they both managed it with no problems, along with a bit of help for Bubby D from the Other Half (she is only 2, after all!). I may actually steal it to add to my own cupcake icing paraphernalia, as I had a little go myself afterwards and it was really lovely and easy to use.

And even more impressive, the majority of the decorations ended up artfully scattered on top of the piped icing, and not inside the kids stomachs…elc bakeoff end result

The resulting cupcakes were placed proudly on the stand, and presented to me with a big smile. And the kids can’t wait to get baking again next weekend!


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