A Royal Fairytale – book review

royal fairytaleHaving been an avid reader since I was a child, I’m no stranger to fairytales. The format is always the same: the handsome suitor, the beautiful lady and – sometimes despite a couple of obstacles ranging from minor (finding a pea in your bed) and major (imprisoned in a forest of brambles, destined to sleep for 100 years) – the inevitable ‘and they all lived happily ever after’ ending.

‘A Royal Fairytale’ is really no different – well, there aren’t any dastardly obstacles in place but other than that – except of course, that it’s real!

royal fairytale pagesThe book tells the story of William and Kate, from their childhood dreams, to their meeting, and subsequent marriage…and then finally of course, the birth of their baby boy.

It’s a beautifully illustrated book that captures the spirit of the traditional fairytale, whilst still keeping true to the actual story of William and Kate.

The Wee Man enjoys reading it as it has gold sparkly bits in it, and also various small animals keeping them company throughout the pages, which he likes to comment on.

Given the conversations it has inspired, it’s probably quite a good book for introducing little ones to the subject of a new brother or sister too, as the Wee Man has wanted to discuss in detail exactly how William and Kate managed to ‘get a baby’. He’s put in an order himself for a boy baby and girl baby in fact – and I think unfortunately for him that will have to remain a fairytale or the imaginary kind!

With the Royal baby now having arrived, this will make a wonderful keepsake and also a lovely story for both the Wee Man and Bubby D to read, and perhaps pass on to their own children, in the years to come.

royal fairytale ending



Disclosure: I was given this book in my Britmums Live goody bag and was under no obligation to review it, however I decided to and all words are my own honest opinion. 

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