The Tragic Tale of Dwayne the Eating Monster – book review

dwayne the eating monsterThis is a hardbacked, lift-the-flaps style of book, which generally the kids really enjoy.

Plus, Dwayne is a monster, which immediately appeals to the Wee Man and his massive monster love.

bedtime reading for both the kids
bedtime reading for both the kids

The first couple of pages establish that Dwayne is really really greedy. Before this, the Wee Man had never really though about eating too much, but now he’s very interested in talking about it all the time. Obviously he knows that he won’t eat a dog (Dwayne does, and a cat, and some squirrels…) but he has started questioning more what he does eat, and how much.

It’s good that the book has made him think, but at the same time he does realise that it’s pretend too, luckily! I did wonder if he might have nightmares about being eaten by monsters but as the book is very much in a cartoony format there haven’t been any worries in that respect.

There’s a great page where Dwayne has eaten lots of well-known landmarks, and Wee Man really enjoys identifying them all and talking about the cities they come from.

Wee Man enjoys the story with Grandad
Wee Man enjoys the story with Grandad

I did find the ending rather abrupt – the story was going, and going, and then suddenly, STOP! The Other Half found the same, we both ended up looking for the next page then being surprised that there wasn’t one.

But the Wee Man requests to read it again and again, so despite the little niggles for adults it obviously has a lot of appeal to kids.

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