Breastfeeding out and about – thrupenny bits breastfeeding pillow review

One of the first things that I always remember from the early days of breastfeeding is how badly things could go if I wasn’t sitting comfortably. Problems with establishing an effective latch can be made so much worse if you’re not properly supported for what could be a position you’re in for up to forty five minutes in one go.

There are lots of different ways to achieve this, but I’ve always been a fan of breastfeeding pillows, as they’re space saving (rather than using several normal pillows or cushions), easy to use and designed to perfectly complement a good, comfortable feeding position.

Which was fine when I was at home. But when out and about, I didn’t want to be dragging a giant cushion around with me all the time – and that lead to sitting in cafes or baby groups with my legs crossed and one or both arms (and sometimes legs!) going slowly numb.

And of course, this only got worse the bigger and heavier my fast growing babies got!

So the Thrupenny Bits breastfeeding pillow has been a bit of a welcome revelation.

Firstly, it looks more like a bag than a pillow – and it actually CAN be used as a bag if you’ve finished breastfeeding, as the inside is removable and some models have useful pockets inside making them great as toddler changing bags. Plus of course, this means that the outer part can be easily washed too, something that we definitely have to do often as Bubby D can be a mucky little pup at times.

thrupenny bits breastfeeding pillowSecondly, it’s very portable. It’s got two straps which tie together at whichever length suits, keeping it secure whilst feeding; and these can also be used to tie it to a pushchair handle or carry it over your shoulder – or you can just stick it in your pushchair basket too of course. Bubby D actually likes to carry ours on her own lap and snuggles up to it!

And that’s probably because, thirdly, it’s very comfortable. The filling is pliable yet sturdy enough to achieve a good level of elevation, and its big enough to support Bubby D (the pillows come in two sizes and this is the larger Ultimate one) even as a toddler.

It’s basically extremely versatile, discreet, and comes in a great range of different designs to suit all tastes. I really wish I’d had one first time round with the Wee Man – it would have saved me from a lot of back and arm ache!

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