Baby play at six months – Bubby D’s first playdate

Reading the news recently, I came across an article which suggests that even young babies are able to interact with each other and form friendships, despite not yet being able to talk.

So I got to thinking it was probably about time for Bubby D to have her first playdate (and coincidentally, this occurred at the first time since having a second child that the house was actually in a visitor-ready state…).

Which is why last Friday we were to be found with playmats down, toys artfully strewn around, and plates and bowls of biscuits (I’m tempted to say they were homemade but sadly I hadn’t been THAT visitor ready) and crisps liberally distributed about the room for the nibbling pleasure of the Mummies.

Little friends having arrived, Bubby D began proceedings by promptly keeling over and bashing her head on the floor (despite having mastered the art of sitting comfortably for protracted periods of time with no problems well over a month ago).

Several minutes of hugs and consolation later, and we were ready to try some interaction again. The babies began investigating the toys, the Mummies began chatting – and that’s when I heard a strange little sound.


Wondering if the cat had wandered in and was hiding somewhere, I had a furtive look around the room. But there appeared to be no cat – or any other animal other than Bubby D’s stuffed bear – in sight. I concluded I must have been hearing things.

However, resuming conversation, and idly watching the babies ‘playing’ with each other, I heard it again – this time in conjunction with Bubby D’s friend attempting to grab her current favourite toy.


Which is when I (and the other Mums, whose expressions ranged between alarmed and amazed) realised that this noise was actually emanating from Bubby D.

Yes, it appears she HAS in fact proved the theory that young children can interact with each other prior to being able to talk. Thanks to the Wee Man, who greets her each time he sees her with a resounding GRRRRR and occasionally, when ‘quiet dinosaur’ comes out to play (far too infrequently in my opinion) with a slightly more sedate ‘grrr’, she now appears to believe this is the generally acceptable method of communication between small people.

Which is why the vast majority of conversations in our household currently go like this:

Wee Man: ‘DINOSAUR!’

Bubby D: ‘Grrrrrrr….’

…followed by a delighted beam from Bubby D, and a cacophony of giggling from the Wee Man.

So, even if it is a rather bizarre interaction they are having, I’m certainly glad that babies can in fact communicate with each other and enjoy each others company, as it’s lovely to hear them laugh together.

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