Firework night

firework nightThis year, like the last couple of years, we had our very own fireworks night party at Grandma’s house.

Unlike last year, however – when the Wee Man cowered inside and insisted he would only watch fireworks through the window – we were all out in the garden watching the skies in wonder.

We had a firepit, some rockets, a catherine wheel and ‘the finale’ which Wee Man was incredibly excited about (it involved 14 big boom fireworks in a multitude of colours, all lighting up the sky).

And of course, there was a feast of gingerbread, firework cakes (chocolate cupcakes with stars and popping candy on top), hot dogs, jacket potatoes and hearty soups.

All around us we heard the big booms of organised displays going on, but we were all happy watching our very own little fireworks display.

Good food, good company, and a bit of added sparkle 🙂

firework night sparkler

NaBloPoMo November 2013

Day 2

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