Hello Royal Baby – tips for going from one child to two

I sat in the hospital, and stared down at the little scrunchy baby face of my newborn.

And then I looked at my eldest. How did he suddenly get so BIG?

Going from one child to two is exciting but nerve wracking – both as a parent, as as an only child who suddenly becomes a sibling. Making sure that we were all as prepared as we could be was important to me, and so I had a good think about what I could do to make the transition as positive as possible.

I’m not the only one. Britax recently asked their facebook community for their top tips to make sure bigger brothers and sisters don’t end up feeling left out:britax royal baby tips


All great suggestions, and we ended up using most of those ourselves.

And the other thing we did? We made sure the new baby arrived complete with a gift for big brother.

who on earth is THAT
who on earth is THAT


After a big hug from me, and a quick introduction to his little sister, Seb was so busy playing with his new set of ‘nee-naws’ he was completed not bothered by the little squirming sibling sitting in my arms. Likewise, D often still thanks Little B for the toy that she was given by her when she arrived!

It hasn’t all been plain sailing but the preparation that we did has definitely helped along the way 🙂

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