Look who’s talking…

toddler refusing to go to bedBubby D has suddenly got very vocal. I’ve been away for two days doing training, and returning to the house, I was greeted with a child that forms proper sentences!

It’s all a little bit strange…

And also, a bit alarming given that the majority of sentences consist of demands which directly contradict what I’m trying to achieve, for example this evening the task of getting her into her bed, at a reasonable time – and then keeping her in it.*

‘No Mummy, it’s not bedtime’

followed (after an unfortunate pooing on the carpet incident) by

‘No lights off, put the lights back on’

and then, having switched on the light herself (I really must get a higher up light switch!)

‘Another story. I want Peppa Pig. Read it again’ ‘and again’ ‘and again’…

until I hid the book under the pillow, prompting the outcry of:


and finally, having located Mr Dinosaur, and after putting myself into my ‘fast asleep so perhaps you should go to sleep too’ pose:

‘Mummy ISN’T asleep. Mummy, wake up! Oh, Mummy is asleep…cuddles with me’

Such was my amazement at the move from one word demands, I almost…ALMOST…considered responding, to keep the conversation going.

But not quite.

I’ll let her dream some conversations instead 🙂


*it’s worth noting I’ve still not achieved this. She IS in bed, and asleep – but unfortunately she is sleeping like a starfish right in the middle of OUR bed, rather than hers!




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