The Green Man is King – Road safety and three year olds

Since the Wee Man started preschool back in September, his understanding of the world and how things should be has expanded considerably. Every week, he comes out with something new that I didn’t tell him – quite a strange feeling knowing that he has a whole lot of experiences that I am not a part of.

And last week, evidently, he was learning about traffic safety. I know this because suddenly, complete strangers have been subject to his wrath.

Standing at a pelican crossing (which confuses him – and me – as it looks NOTHING like a pelican, unlike the zebra crossing which is in fact quite zebra-ey) two people make the badly-judged mistake of crossing whilst the red man is in view.

‘NAUGHTY PEOPLE’ screams my son. ‘YOU HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE GREEN MAN TO COME!’. Faced with the extremely loud indignant shouting of a three year old, the two shamefaced culprits scuttle off as quickly as they can hiding their reddening faces, whilst a policemen who was about to commit the same terrible crime halts in his tracks and stands contritely next to the Wee Man. Looking confused, two of his colleagues slow down next to him and make as if to cross the road.

‘STOP!’ declares the Wee Man.

‘We’re learning the green cross code!’ whispers their colleague, in an amused tone.

Finally, after what seems like fifteen minutes of somewhat embarrassed shuffling around and fidgeting (on the part of the adults) the green man makes his appearance and the Wee Man becomes practically hysterical with joy. Parading across the street with his entourage of grinning policemen, he beams at everyone in sight, declaring that the cars have stopped and it is their red man now.

The initial policeman bends down and congratulates him for being such a good road-crosser, and then all the policeman hurry off before the Wee Man can see them daring to cross the road without the green man in place at the next set of lights.

I can’t help wondering what he’s going to come out with next…and what on earth happened to Tufty the Squirrel…?

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