The Toenail Fairy

Wee Man had a bit of a scare this week.

Whilst I was getting him ready for school on thursday, he pointed at his big toe and said in a wobbly little voice

‘Mummy, my toe is poorly’

Before looking at me with a very worried expression on his face.

Grabbing his foot, I realised the problem. He’s obviously bashed his toe on something, and the toenail was pretty much hanging off.

‘Don’t worry’ I told him. ‘Sometimes toenails do fall off, but it’s ok, a new one will grow’.

The Wee Man didn’t look convinced.

‘Daddy’s toenail went all black and fell of once’ I reassured him (leaving out the part where the Other Half kept his disgusting black toenail, and would whip it out and wave it around in my face at odd occasions, thinking it was absolutely hilarious to watch me cringe away in horror).

‘But Daddy has all his toenails’ whimpered the Wee Man sorrowfully, clearly not believing me.

‘Well, yes – because a new toenail grew!’ I responded.

‘Is it a bit like teeth, Mummy?’ the Wee Man asked, having been told by an older friend quite recently that teeth fall out and magically reappear bigger and better.

‘Yes!’ I said, grabbing on to this very relevant analogy.

‘Hooray!’ shouted the Wee Man.

‘Er…what?’ I questioned, suddenly confused as to why he had switched from worriedness to apparent great joy at the fact that his toenail was looking extremely forlorn.

‘Well, that means that the toenail fairy will come, doesn’t it Mummy?’ the Wee Man declared, a big smile lighting up his face. ‘And the fairy will take my toenail, and leave me treasure! Under my pillow!’

‘Er…well…er…yes, ok…probably’ I stuttered, silently cursing the previously welcomed tooth analogy.

Which is why, tonight, the Wee Man has fallen asleep with a toenail under his pillow. And I’m pretty sure I just saw the toenail fairy flying by…

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