The Wee Man’s anti-bucket list

Rather than having a list of things he WOULD like to do, recently the Wee Man has decided to establish a firm list of ‘definitely don’t want to do that, not ever ever ever’.

Some things are added to the list for a short while – ‘don’t want the green bowl, don’t want to wear THOSE pants, don’t want to have a bath…’

But others, well he’s quite clear they are on the list to stay.

The two main ones at the moment? ‘Swirling winds’…and vampires.

I’m guessing there aren’t many people who actually really really WANT to meet a vampire (should such things exist – even though in some cases they might seem rather intriguing if you manage to get on the right side of them) but the Wee Man has taken this a step further and forbidden any and all travel plans to Transylvania.

Lucky that wasn’t on our itinerary this year then.

And also, we are banned from visiting America.

Not because of the vampires (aren’t the True Blood ones based in America…? Shhh….) but because of the ‘swirling winds’. Or tornadoes, as they’re otherwise known. Wee Man is convinced that America is the hub of all things swirly and windy, and therefore should be avoided at all costs.

I suspect my mum has been reading the Wizard of Oz to him again.

Are there any vampires in the Wizard of Oz? Seems like there may as well be, from what I remember of the multitude of strange and wonderful characters.

So anyway – Transylvania and America: definite no-go areas for our family. Let’s see what’s next to end up on the list…

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