Toddler terrors – so long, sleep

Bubby D has never in recent months been the best of sleepers – she is fairly resistant to the idea of going to bed, and even more resistant to the idea of staying in her own bed all night.

I’m not against co-sleeping, and I’m not usually bothered by her creeping into bed with myself and the Other Half. But just recently, with Pippin spending half the night partying inside my tummy and sore hips, the strange squeakings of the cat and the Other Half’s snoring all contributing to keeping me awake when I’m already massively tired, the addition of a two year old fidget into the mix is a step too far.

And it’s not just during the night that’s a problem at the moment. Getting her to go to sleep at night is a task which can take hours. My bump is too big now for me to lie next to her in her toddler bed, so she ends up in the ‘big bed’ with me, poking my eyelids, kicking off the covers and starfishing across as much of the bed as possible until finally – sometimes over an hour later – she falls asleep.

toddler in big bedLeaving her to it doesn’t work – it just results in hysterical screaming.

Reading lots of stories, following a routine, making sure she’s got a nightlight and a favourite teddy bear…none of them work.

It’s mummy hugs, wiggling and prodding all the way.

Guess those sleepless newborn nights are starting early – courtesy of big sister!

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