Two to a room – moving both kids in together

When I was young, I shared a room with my sister even though ours house had enough bedrooms that we could have had one each. It was kind of reassuring to know that someone else was in the room with me if I woke in the night, and it meant we had a fun playroom too!

So when Bubby D started climbing out of her cot and so moving her into a toddler bed was the inevitable next step, I had a think about it and decided that we would try doing the same with our own children.

But it was also a bit scary. How would getting them to go to sleep work? Would Bubby D adjust ok to a room move AND a move to a bed? And would the Wee Man end up jumping on her in the night? Plus…how to fit two beds into one rather small room…

It turns out, it’s actually worked rather well. I decided the answer was to get a mid-sleeper and then stick the toddler bed underneath it at an angle – creating a kind of ‘bunk beds’ effect without having actual bunk beds which I’m not sure the kids are old enough for yet.

I managed to find an IKEA Kura midsleeper on eBay for £60, combined it with the mattress pad I already had for lying next to either child on occasion when they were unwell or generally unsettled, and then Bubby D then took over the Wee Man’s bed. Hurrah! The plan all started coming together, and both kids were very excited about it all…

…which led to the next step – get the kids actually into bed and asleep.

For this, I decided that getting the bed tent that clips over the top of the IKEA Kura was a good idea, as it provides a bit of separation between them (and also stops Wee Man jumping down onto Bubby D’s bed) whilst still allowing them to experience that shared room feeling.

Sometimes, the night does begin with a bit of bouncing, silliness and squealing – but we tell stories (of the calming variety) with all of us up on Wee Man’s bed before I tuck him in and then go down to Bubby D’s bed, turn off the lights, and lie with her for a few minutes.

It doesn’t always work, but generally they go to sleep without too much trouble (occasionally I do get my eyelids licked as I fake sleep though – yuck!).

Hearing them natter happily to each other when they wake in the morning is such a lovely sound 🙂

They’re both so pleased to be sharing a room, and Bubby D is so excited about having a big girls bed. It WAS scary (from a ‘will I ever get any sleep?’ perspective), and it was a bit of work and expense – but I think we definitely made the right decision.

Now I just have to turn the ‘playroom’ into an actual playroom!

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