Digital Kids Show – Minecraft fans assemble!

If you have Minecraft Fans in the house, then you’ve probably heard some of these names bandied about:

 ‘ LDShadowLady,  AshDubh, SmallishBeans Amy Lee33 and Tomohawk’

and in October, you can find out more about them than just their names – because they’re coming to the Digital Kids Show in October.

Seb for one is incredibly excited about that!

Between the lot of them, they  have over ONE BILLION views, and 5 million subscribers. I know we’ve certainly contributed to those numbers…the TV is constantly full of Minecraft walk throughs, challenges and random musings from some if not all of these big names of the Minecraft vlogging world.

And on 29th and 30th October, they’ll be stepping out of my TV and on to the centre stage at the Digital Kids Show at EventCity.

LDShadowLady (or Lizzie as she is otherwise known) plays a mean Minecraft single-player series, known as Shadowcraft. It’s obviously popular because she hasover 2 Million subscribers and 637M views. Plus she’s funny. Funny is good.

Then, there’s Amy Lee 33 – she has one of the biggest female Minecraft YouTube channels in the UK with over 900K subscribers and 225M views.

She uses her games to tell stories, and has inspired a whole generation of young girls between 4 and 12 with the tales she has spun in her Minecraft worlds…such as “Amy’s Land of Love” and “Pony Paradise”.  ‘Cute recruits’ (D was won over immediately simply by the name for fans) can watch sweet – and often a little bit rascally – animals having lots of fun being kind and loving to each other, promoting protection of living creatures and…well basically anything to do with nature whatsoever. Gotta love a bit of tree hugging, even as a grown up…and she’s got a book out too. (presumably not made from Minecraft trees).

Joel aka SmallishBeans has  796K subscribers and close to 140M views of his regular vlogs all about his favourite games, his cat Buddy, and other relevant topics too.

Then there is Seb’s current favourite, AshDubh also known as FearADubh. He is a friend of iBallisticSquid, apparently that’s a good thing, and he creates gaming videos about Minecraft as well as a host of other popular games.

Tomohawk is brother to iBallisticSquid, and as you’d imagine that means his videos regularly feature guest appearances from his YouTube super-star brother and Ashbubh. Most probably he has featured on our TV a lot too.

Even I have managed to pick up a much wider understanding of Minecraft and how it works just from catching snippets in passing as the kids all sit and stare for hours at the tv. So I can imagine how incredibly exciting the prospect of seeing their favourite YouTube stars in real life is going to be. Actually, I don’t have to imagine, because Seb has told me about the incredible excitement in great detail. Which does make me kind of curious – I’d quite like to know a bit more about what all this stuff is all about…

Digital Kids is the first event of its kind, bringing the digital world to life in a friendly, fun, accessible format for children and their parents. Minecraft heroes aren’t the only familiar faces that will be there either – the comedy duo Dick and Dom, and CBeebies regular Mr Bloom will also be making an appearance.

With six interactive zones including:

The amazing Retro Tech & Gaming zone where families can get hands-on with retro classics like PacMan and Sonic the Hedgehog as well as the latest releases and Virtual Reality games,

The Digital, STEM & Coding Skills Zone, with the opportunity to try out cutting edge toys, robots and electronic lego (and discover the possibilities and challenges for using them),

The Safe Tech Zone is all about helping to keep children safe online – with all the latest advice on the dangers and risks of being online, and how to stay one step ahead of them,

The Children’s Media Zone, uncovering the truth that TV isn’t just TV any more – it’s apps, and YouTube streaming, and on demand content.

Plus there are rides, a total wipeout zone, a scooter disco (I predict carnage) a digi disco (what?), zip wires, soft play, a live entertainment show and performances, and a driving zone for older kids 11+.  And if you fancy being a creeper for Halloween, there’s the opportunity to dress up in spooky Minecraft themed ensembles for a bit of fun on sunday 30th.

Tickets to the Digital Kids Show are on sale now…and if you’re quick you can get a nice little discount courtesy of the Manchester Evening News too!



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