Oh help, oh no…our day searching for the Gruffalo at Thorndon Country Park

Today I told the kids we were going hunting for the Gruffalo.

The Wee Man was suspicious. This is because quite often when we are passing some woodland, I’ll tell him I think I saw the Gruffalo lurking inside. He’ll then spend ages looking out of the window, trying to spot him – and it keeps him entertained on otherwise boring drives. He was also a bit concerned that the Gruffalo might be really big and scary – but after a while he decided that it would ‘just be a friendly one’.

And this time, the Gruffalo really WAS in the woods. Alongside the mouse, the fox, the owl, the snake, and the Gruffalo’s Child; all hiding around Thorndon Country Park. Best of all, finding them all is fun, and free (well, I did pay 50p for a map and £2.20 for parking but well worth it for the excitement!).gruffalos child

Bubby D managed to sleep through the whole thing, so it seems we are going to have to go again. The Wee Man is very pleased about that!


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